Our Approach

Shape Architecture is committed to the creation of imaginative architecture. Our architects respond carefully to our Clients’ brief and work hard to establish a clear and collaborative process. Our approach revolves around the experience of the building user and their journey through the building.  This is reinforced throughout the design process in the use of computer graphics and is evident in the built projects our architects have completed. 


Our architects are committed to good composition, to the art in architecture, to a strong building image, the flood of daylight and sunlight and the exploration of materials.  It is against these criteria that an appropriate response is determined for each new project.
In understanding the brief and site our architects identify those elements that will provide joy and interest and those which must be realised simply and efficiently.
This clarity of approach determines a wide understanding amongst those involved in the process of where money is spent and where it is saved and this echoes throughout the design process.
Our architecture is a strategic response to sustainability and this is integral in all that we do.

Jason Wren
RIBA, ARB, BA (Hons), Dip Arch, MSc

Jason Wren founded Shape Architecture in 2006. He had previously spent 10 years at Studio E Architects, where as an Associate he designed and led many of the practices most high profile buildings.

Classroom of the Future

On projects such as Classroom of the Future and the Exemplar Sustainable Schools in Bexley, Jason has demonstrated the ability and experience to deliver innovative concepts as real buildings.
Shape Architecture builds upon the experience of working on school and community projects that range from playgrounds, to government initiatives, exemplar sustainable school and high profile public school buildings.
In the same way Shape Architecture builds upon the experience of working on ground breaking sustainable buildings such as the Doxford Solar Office.    This is particularly important in the creation of sustainable architecture, where Jason’s experience of building such projects over the last 14 years contributes a wealth of knowledge to the practice and its work.

Allied to this is the range of residential buildings undertaken by Jason Wren over the last sixteen years, ranging from small projects to large apartment buildings.

Professional Associations

Shape Architecture is a Chartered RIBA practice and its members of staff are all RIBA members and registered with the ARB.  This gives the client the comfort that our architects conform with the required standards that these organisations set down.  Our architects also undertake the required professional development activities, to ensure that we keep up-to-date with legislative and technical developments.
Our architects carry Professional Indemnity Insurance as the RIBA require of an architectural practice and our insurer is AON.


Our approach is to get the simple strategic decisions correct in terms of the siting of the building, its orientation and maximising the benefits of daylight and sunlight.  Our architects then ensure the building is well insulated and air tight with the use of materials appropriate to its setting. 

The integration of appropriate renewable technologies is then examined.  It is this approach of integration that sees sustainable design integrating and informing the architecture of our buildings

Daylight and Sunlight

The strategic use of daylight to reduce the use of electricity also improves the internal environment and the disposition of windows, screens and rooflights then adds to the experience of moving through the spaces.
Light Sources

Our architects look to establish a variety of sources of light and with various methods, from the rooflight to sun tubes, glazed screens and windows.
Projects such as Classroom of the Future used light through ETFE cushions to flood a circulation area and allow plants to grow within.  Anthony Roper primary school uses clerestory glazing to ‘lift’ the roof but also emphasise the connection and proximity of existing trees.


In addition to the decisions made on siting, orientation, glazing and the specification of thermally efficient materials, our architects will consider the use of renewable technologies. 

Solar Panels

Many of our projects have employed Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal panels.  This is particularly the case with School and Community buildings.  Our architects have also used Solar Cells in residential projects within Conservation areas.

From projects such as the EcoShed to the Anthony Roper primary school we always explore a sustainable palette of materials.  The Eco shed utilised many recycled materials such as newsprint insulation and also both a sedum roof and a rubble roof.  The latter using brickwork from the on site excavation.  Most importantly our architects use materials that we have thoroughly researched and have experience of building with.

Our Services

The cornerstone of our service is the breadth and diversity of our projects.  The benefits we derive from this cross fertilization enable our architects to offer a considered service to our clients

We have also over fourteen years of experience of designing and building sustainable buildings which informs all of our projects.  Of equal importance is the emphasis put on clear communication using computer graphics at all stages of a project.
Our Approach

This approach has led to almost all of our projects coming from recommendation and repeat projects.  We have built successful relationships with developers, builders, charities and private clients on this basis.


To Developers we offer a wide range of experience in residential, mixed use, office and industrial projects.  We have a proven record in achieving planning permissions that maximize the value of the site and also achieving permissions in Conservation areas, Greenbelts and adaptations to listed buildings.  We have established relationships with a number of Developers and are used to visiting sites and assessing permissions for viability.   Our experience in sustainable design and use of computer graphics are also important factors in achieving permissions.


To Contractors we offer a breadth of project type and scale that will allow the contractor to expand and evolve with our architects support.  Our expertise in sustainability is important, as is the use of computer graphics to communicate with various clients.  We have evolved this form of relationship with a number of contractors and look forward to continuing to do so.

Schools & Community Projects

To Schools and Community Organizations our architects bring a breadth of experience of designing school and community buildings and extensions at varying scales.  These all engage with sustainable design and are all described in clear computer graphics through their development. This enables us to offer a wide ranging service to include involving the staff and children in the design process.
Housing Associations

To Housing Associations our architects offer our experience of large scale residential projects.  The integrated approach to sustainable design that emphasizes daylight and sunlight, views and a connection with landscape are important factors in the creation of successful housing projects.
Private Clients

Our architects have over the years designed very many residential projects ranging from smaller extensions to large refurbishment and new houses.  We have written a brochure to describe the process that we give to each client as we seek to provide clarity and support through the design and construction processes.  As with other clients the use of 3D graphics is extremely useful in discussing the proposals and understanding the potential of each project.