Broomhouse Road, Fulham, London

Project Overview

Our basement conversion in Fulham at Broomhouse Road is particularly successful in creating a light and spacious contemporary interior. This has been achieved through the use of a limited and high quality palette of colours and materials allied to the maximization of natural light through a variety of sources throughout the project.

As is the case with the majority of basement extensions in Fulham, the Ground floor at the garden side has had a side return and rear extension added to create a large kitchen dining space. Whereas in several other projects we have located the stair to the basement in an open plan configuration, at Broomhouse Road the stair follows the existing run of stair flights.

Basement Conversion Fulham: A Light Filled Basement

A key feature of the new basement is the internal corridor into which the stair connects. Whilst the stair follows the run of stair flights in the house the effect at basement level is to arrive in a large open light filled space. This is achieved by simply recessing the wall below the stair flight a further 300mm and finishing it in wood veneer, in order to make the edge of the stair seem to float and feel lighter and effect a still wider corridor width. Secondly a very simple palette of light colours issued and this is contrasted with a warm wood cladding to the partition below the stair.

Basement Conversion Fulham: Visual and Physical Connections

A particular success of this Fulham basement extension in Broomhouse Road has been the introduction at Ground Floor of a second route from the front Reception room to the rear Kitchen and Dining room. This follows a similar design feature at another basement project in Fulham at Ellerby street (basement extension in Fulham). Located at the Party Wall side the route enables views to be had from the front Reception room through to the Garden beyond. We have explored similar approaches in several other Fulham basement conversions, and in this instance this secondary link is a space filled with books and art and has a value more than the connection it provides. We have in other basement conversions in Fulham and other boroughs, located the stair down to the basement off this link, or else located glass panels in the floor to light the basement below and rooflights over the top.

Fulham Wrap Around Extension

At ground floor the kitchen has been enlarged with the addition of a wrap around extension. It is in the design of the ceiling and roof over these extensions that much is added to the quality of the interior. The varied profile and the numerous rooflights ensure that the edges of the room are alive with sunlight and views out. The run of rooflights over the side extension align with the link between reception and dining and help take the eye through the space and provide a sense of a long view towards the garden beyond. Shape Architecture has designed and built many wrap around extensions in Fulham and in developing the design using 3D computer graphics have been able to explore the movement of light into the space through rooflights and the sense of space created to our Clients before the design is fixed.

Key Project Features
  • Project Status: Built
  • Contemporary Basement
  • Open-Plan Kitchen and Dining
  • Modern Extension Architecture
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