RBKC Kensington and Chelsea Architects

As Architects working in Kensington and Chelsea, Shape Architecture has much experience in designing and construction basement conversions, including two storey basement conversions.

Douro Place, Kensington, off Victoria Road is a High End Residential project undertaken by Shape Architecture. This project successfully obtained Planning Permission for a Double Basement. The main premise behind the design was to allow as much light as possible to reach the lower levels of the building, this is where many similar double basements in Kensington and Chelsea, London have failed. We were keen this would not be the case. The existing building had four floors and a cellar, and these were utilised in the design.

Experienced and Customer Focused

The building was full of potential and work was taken to achieve a residential project of the very highest standard. The design process concentrated on the heart of the building, and straight away the inclusion of a feature stair case was decided with vertical glass sections alongside this throughout its ascent,Light was critical in the design process, with it being critical as much natural light entered the building as possible. The Feature staircase stood at the heart of the design, and it was placed near a series of glazed sections,illuminating it during the day and again enhancing light quality within the building.

London Basement Construction

The design held a swimming pool in the lower basement, with a gym in the floor above. The lower ground floor contained accommodation for a guest and nanny.The ground floor offered a feature staircase and grand entrance hall, with glimpses into the back garden and down into the basement area. Real emphasis was placed in making the space feel open and bright. The first floor was home to four bedrooms and two bathrooms, with one being an en-suite. The floor above offered a private living space with a ‘his and hers’ en-suites and views out on to a second floor terrace. All floors contained features to allow light to seep down, such as roof lights and glass partitions; sustainable elements were wholly embraced in the design process. A Green roof was incorporated alongside photovoltaic slate panels. The project was a harmonious combination of Victorian heritage with modern thinking and technology to provide a house of grandeur, equipped for 21st century living.

Grade 2 Listed Building Repairs

Shape Architects London has also designed and built a complete remodelling of the Hansom cab public house to create a luxury duplex apartment.

The Hansom cab is a Grade two listed building and the approach to creating a contemporary apartment demanded much careful thought and planning. At ground floor the pub and restaurant layout was re-worked to enable a separate entrance to be formed to the apartment above.

Basement Lighting Ideas

The rear of the property contained a balcony and glass staircase. This addition allowed access from the garden- situated on the lower ground floor to the ground floor kitchen and dining space. The effect of the glass balcony was to not only create a visually dynamic and stunning feature at the rear, but also the translucent quality of the material allowed light to pass through and then again further into a roof light situated direct below.

Basement Design Ideas

The design was extensively drawn and configured to meet the client’s requirements and the standard in this regard was exceptionally high. Every internal elevation was drawn in the building to allow a thorough and precise understanding of what the client wanted and how the space could be utilised.Three dimensional models were made to create light studies, greatly enhancing the design process.

Renovating Listed Buildings

Within the apartment the most striking feature is the amount of natural light that floods the interior, particularly at the first floor reception level. Elegant large windows frame a wide variety of views onto the street and square beyond. In response the palette of materials applied through the apartment is limited and of high quality. Bathrooms and Kitchen are fitted out using high quality fixtures and fittings.

The effect is to create a light and bright contemporary apartment in a beautifully detailed grade 2 listed building.