About Shape Architecture Mayfair

Shape Architecture is a London based architectural firm as well as an accredited RIBA Chartered practice with clients across Mayfair and the South East of England. Our Mayfair -based architects center on architectural developments that range from residential real estate to academic and community structures. Our Mayfair design team always endeavours to present the utmost levels of open area and luminescence into our architectural assignments. Shape’s usage of colour and materials, plus the ordering of space, goes further to create properties that amaze our clientele. Our Mayfair-based design team has been planning and constructing low energy properties for more than fifteen years. Our focus is on meeting our customers’ expectations and providing personalized service every time.

Experienced and Customer Focused

Our company has specially designed buildings in several sectors. Private properties, apartments, universities, and community properties are among the projects Shape Architecture London has undertaken in the past. Our Mayfair architects can easily concentrate on an array of jobs within each of our fields of expertise. Considering the great diversity of our experience, our company has the ability to offer cutting-edge and one of a kind architectural solutions. Another of our traits is the fact that we don’t use a trademark style, since every challenge is as distinctive as the customers’ needs.

Private & Residential Projects

Our London based architects’ personal residential ventures cover anything from small extensions to major basement conversions and complete refurbishment. In each job our Mayfair architects strive to combine light, transparency, and space in unique ways. We think that sustainable practices do not have to be at odds with new technology. The Devon Eco House is an example of this.

Maryfair Architects

Location is not an issue for us, Shape Architecture London has experience completing numerous builds across every London borough.

Contemporary Design

Our company’s taste for innovative design has long been utilized on listed residential constructions, just like the apartments built at the Hansom Cab Public House.

Our Fees are a Fixed Lump Sum

Our portfolio includes a large range of projects of various sizes

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Community Architecture

Our Architect’s London portfolio features properties in Mayfair as well as the South East. The Eco Shed buildings Shape Architecture finished in various areas of London are a classic illustration of Shape Architecture’s dedication to ecological community architecture.

School Architecture

Our London based architectural company’s attention for creativity and sustainability is apparent within our school and nursery work, as is the case of the hard work performed with the Anthony Roper’s primary school. This school property was built using the form of a dragon fly, with its wings being specified as teaching rooms and its body as living quarters for employees.

Mixed Use Apartments

You’ll find we have designed apartment and mixed use campaigns across Mayfair. Shape Architecture London has performed mixed use residential jobs in many different styles and dimensions, from apartment flats to massive town houses, such as the new construction to be developed on Herne Hill. Amongst our assortment of architectural projects we can point out those carried out in listed properties and other specially allocated areas. Our broad ranging knowledge has helped us secure permission to construct at specifically designated sites. Certain types of basement conversions at residential properties are often technically difficult. The exact same is applicable to other non-residential designs, such as the green roof structure at the Ecoshed building. Nevertheless, our company was able to successfully carry out projects of an advanced level of intricacy.

Our customers can rest assured that every last project commissioned to us will be performed to the highest standards of quality, due to our wide ranging technical know-how.

Sustainable Architecture

Our company has taken part in the construction of renewable structures within the last 15 years. Our London based architecture company provides professional assistance on an array of sustainably architectural concerns. These include relatively simple elements, like the installment of PV panels, plus much more elaborate concerns, like heat pumps. We’re great at blending all of these aspects in to the design of our assignments.

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