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Why Choose Shape Architecture as Architects in Sussex?

Shape Architecture is a Chartered RIBA Practice and has completed many private residential projects throughout Sussex of all types and sizes, ranging from extensions and loft conversions to pod rooms and basement conversions.

Sussex Architects

Working as Sussex architects out of our office in Brighton, Shape Architecture undertakes projects throughout Sussex.  Our portfolio of projects in Sussex vary from Private Residential work of all type and size to Community projects and Schools and Nurseries.

Dining Room, High Wickham, Hastings, East Sussex

Contemporary Sussex Architecture

Shape Architecture seek to produce a high quality contemporary finish in its projects. In private residential projects and as architects in Sussex, Shape Architecture prides itself on exquisite and meticulous detailing, as well as extensively catering for clients’ requirements. As well as being beautifully detailed, design works are inventive. In one extension project, many of the brick elevations in the kitchen were left exposed, with sockets and switches for appliances placed directly into the brickwork. This was especially striking when combined with high gloss white units and an abundance of natural light. Alongside this, a breakfast bar and a blackboard paint wall was introduced to make the space an area for all the family, a highly successful design that our clients were delighted with, and that exemplifies the attention to detail exhibited in our projects working as Sussex architects.

Side and Rear Extensions in Sussex

Shape Architecture have have worked on very many extensions, from side and rear to wrap around extensions in Sussex, either as projects in their own right or as a part of larger projects. These extension projects have the opportunity to add valuable additional floor space to your Sussex extension, and allow an enhanced living environment. Shape Architecture have significant experience of the various permutations of these extensions, and have a good knowledge of how best to realise the potential of an extension both internally and externally.

Peacehaven Community Centre

Sustainable Architecture

Our company also offers 15 years of constructing eco-friendly buildings to draw upon and inspire our work.

Environmentally friendly design is among our firm’s specialties. Our clients come to us for assistance on both equally simple and complex design techniques, as they understand that Shape Architecture can give comprehensive advice regardless of what their requirements might be. Our architects in Sussex are great at combining each one of these elements into the style of our projects.

Architecture in Sussex: Basements Filled with Light

As Sussex architects, Shape Architecture have much expertise in Basement Extension Projects. With these developments, Light is the key issue in providing comfortable and desirable living spaces. installation of light wells at either the front, rear, or in the middle of the property, are often combined with glazed elements to utilise as much natural light as possible. These elements provide interesting features and can be developed further with the introduction of glazed bridges and feature staircases. Often, voids are left to allow light from upper levels to seep down into the basement, with the inclusion of rooflights above aiding in providing open and light spaces. Conversely staircases can sit below the footprint of the existing and allow for larger open rooms below, giving a sense of space and light through increased floor area and volume. In all cases Shape architecture will devise a series of options which can be refined to meet your requirements.

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Mixed Use Apartments

Mixed use apartment developments also fall within our specialization. We’re able to complete mixed use jobs of all sizes and styles. Some good examples of our architects’ latest jobs are the Blackheath apartment rentals and quite a few town houses in Wandsworth. Among our array of architectural jobs we can showcase those completed in listed structures in addition to other specially designated areas. Our Sussex architects have received the permits necessary to build at sensitive areas.

A few of the projects which require special permission will also be markedly challenging. This is the case of some residential basement conversions and of the rubble roof top we designed for the Ecoshed building. Our architects have a wealth of technical expertise that supports all our work.

High Wickham. Hastings, East Sussex

Community Architecture

As architects operating in the regional community industry we have now successfully done many constructions in London, Sussex, and within the South East. The Eco Shed buildings our architects carried out in various parts of London are a remarkable instance of Shape Architecture’s dedication to renewable community architecture.

School Architecture

Sustainability and inventiveness are two leading rules within our work. And this also holds true for school architecture, for example the job Shape Architecture completed for the Anthony Roper’s primary school. Our Sussex architects took advantage of the position of the college near the river and constructed the structure in the shape of a dragon fly.

Free Initial Consultation and Competitive Fixed Fees

If you are considering a residential project like a new basement or extension then we will happily make a visit to discuss your project with you and run through our portfolio of projects.  There is no charge for this initial visit.

Our professional fees are competitive, offered as a fixed lump sum, and are clearly broken down into each stage of the project. Our fees are fixed and will not vary unless the scope of the project changes markedly. In our appointment letter we will confirm the breakdown of the fees in respect of each key stage, from survey and planning to technical information, tender creation, and on-site work. We always tailor our service to meet our clients requirements, and we understand  Sussex architecture.

Our Fees are a Fixed Lump Sum

Our portfolio includes a large range of projects of various sizes

Sedum Roof Brighton

High Wickham, Hastings, East Sussex

This project concerns the re-working of a large house in Hastings. In addition to the interior refurbishment we are also working on a side return extension at ground and basement levels and a pod room at roof level.

The success of this project will be in introducing daylight and views throughout the property whilst extending the accommodation. Given the size of the house it has been important to develop a consistent design approach that can be applied throughout.
The property is in a Conservation Area and is very prominent and also set amongst a number of listed buildings. Given this sensitive setting we have undertaken a pre-application process with the planning department to maximise our chances of planning success.

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