• Re-modelling of a Flat in Chelsea

    Interior View Kensington LOndon

    Chelsea Interior Design

    We are about to start on site with a project in Chelsea where we have taken an existing second floor flat presently divided into a number of small rooms and created a light, bright and open interior. Where small rooms and corridors previously suffered from lack of light and poor aspect, we have now formed a large contemporary living space with a bedroom at one end and kitchen and bathroom at the other.

    As with many of our interior design projects we have designed a series of bespoke items of furniture for the flat, ranging from wardrobes to vanity units.

    The decorative finishes have also been sourced by Shape Architecture working closely with the client who was able to provide a number of interior magazine ‘cut-outs’ as examples of colour, pattern and texture.

    Colour & Pattern

    Similarly, within the bathroom, the tiled finish and the fixtures and fittings have been sourced and specified by us in discussion with our client.
    Within the large living-dining space, light fittings, switches and sockets complete the overall look of the interior.

    In this interior design scheme, the use of colour and pattern has been very important and as such all drawings have reflected this. The design has been developed to ensure that the layout of each internal wall is well composed.


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