• A New Interior Design Project!



    Shape Architecture has been working on an interior design project that looks at how the entrance and corridor area of a typical house can be re-worked to embrace interior and external views and natural light. This approach is explored with sculptural elements defining zones rather than the enclosing walls that at present have create a dark corridor space.





    A composition is formed from steel lattice screens that serve to open up the space whilst still defining zones and throw an interesting range of dappled light into the interior.  Added to this are brightly coloured timber structures variously housing a WC and storage.  Glass screens allow glimpses of further parts of the house and the landscape beyond.





    A staircase springs from within two colourful units firstly as oak treads and becomes a sculptural folded steel stair as it rises further into the space.



    3D perspective of proposal



    This project is to a house in Eastbourne but is an approach that, bigger or smaller, can be applied to any property.  We have a portfolio of projects that explore colour, light and views in many different ways. 

    If you would like to discuss a project that is more focused on interior design and exploring a different layout please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture!