• Access to a Roof Terrace

    Access to a Roof Terrace


    Access can be gained to roof terraces in a number of ways.  Sometimes a door gives onto the roof terrace, and this might be from internal circulation.  If this is not possible and you are accessing the roof terrace from below then a series of design options present themselves, which when allied to the internal stair design can make for a striking feature.



    The simplest form would be a low profile linear rooflight that is hinged along its long side and opens automatically or via a switch.  Set below this will be the stair and this space will be flooded with natural light from the rooflight added to views of the sky from the stair.  We have used this approach on a number of roof terraces in London such as at Woodsford Square in Holland Park and it has proved very successful.




    Another approach is to use a lead faced cube which has a glass lid and doors.  Here one side of the glazed roof and glazed panels slide over the other to allow access.  This approach is also an elegant solution and again provides an interesting way to access the roof terrace.  At Adam and Eve Mews we have used this method and the cube sits over a three storey feature stair providing a light into all floor levels and views of the sky as one climbs the stair.  Artificial lights are also suspended from the central glazing bar to ensure this feature is equally dramatic at night.  We are also using this approach at a large roof terrace in Brighton.  Both are in Conservation areas and have been granted planning permission.