• Basement in Notting Hill

    Shape Architecture is currently working on a basement extension and ground floor refurbishment to a mews property in Notting Hill, within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Shape Architecture has a lot of experience working and creating basement extensions in Kensington and Chelsea, and this project gives us another opportunity to create an attractive and pleasant living space by digging down and redesigning the existing ground floor.

    Notting Hill Basement Extension
    The brief for the project called for a basement extension to be made underneath the existing mews property, making use of the light well that already exists at the rear of the property, and to refurbish and redesign the ground floor accordingly. As architects with a great deal of expertise regarding basement conversions, Shape Architecture was asked to produce a number of different design options for the client.

    Architecture in Notting Hill
    Making use of the existing courtyard on the ground floor, our basement designs all feature a lightwell in the same location. This in turn becomes an external courtyard space on the basement level, turning the ground floor courtyard into either an open void lightwell or a glass balcony depending on the configuration of that option. With the open terrace on the first floor already providing an open space in this part of the design, this means that we are able to provide for light being drawn all the way down through the building into the basement, thus ensuring a light and open plan modern living space.

    Residential Architecture
    On the ground floor, we have prepared a number of options for the client, each detailing one of several configurations ordering the bedrooms and living space with the new staircase that has been added to allow access to the basement. On many of the options, a glass panel has been inserted into the floor on the ground level, allowing for even more light to penetrate the middle of the basement floor plan and providing an improved quality of space as a result. The floor plans offered for the rooms in the basement include options from extra bedrooms and bathrooms, to extensive open-plan kitchen and dining living areas.

    Ground Floor Refurbishment
    As architects working in Kensington and Chelsea, Shape Architecture has a great depth of experience when it comes to obtaining planning permission for residential projects in the borough. As the central floor in the final dwelling, the ground floor refurbishment will be a key part of the project. This will be finished to a high modern standard with glass panels in the floor and the lightwell at the back of the plot providing the connection to the basement. This is all underneath the extensive terrace that sits atop the building on the first floor, taking up roughly half of the floor plan and providing an attractive place to sit outside and enjoy views all the way down to the basement through the lightwell. The existing mews facade will not be altered.

    Architectural Computer Modelling
    As architects specialising in the provision of basement extensions to properties across London, we often use computer modelling as a way of both investigating the provision of natural light throughout a new conversion, and as a useful way of quickly and clearly showing the client just what each option involves. We find this is a useful way of communicating clearly with client and contractor alike, as well as being a useful design tool for us.