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Why Choose Shape Architecture as Architects in Battersea?

Shape Architecture is a Chartered RIBA Practice and has completed many private residential projects throughout London of all types and sizes, ranging from extensions and loft conversions to pod rooms and basement conversions.

Shape Architecture is a Chartered RIBA London architectural practice accredited by RIBA, offering its services in Battersea, surrounding London boroughs, and the Greater London area, as well as further afield in the South-East. Our primary fields of experience include Private Residential projects, Schools, and Community Projects.

Our fees are fixed, and unless the scope of the project changes markedly they will not vary. In our appointment letter we will confirm the breakdown of the fees in respect of each key stage, from Survey, Planning to Technical Information, Tender and on-site Work. We always tailor our service to meet our clients’ requirements, and this may mean providing a complete service from initial design to completion on site, or a more limited service.

“What could have been a difficult and stressful process has been made very simple and enjoyable by Shape Architecture, with the added bonus of being at a great price. I would recommend Shape Architecture to any one of my friends; they could not have been more helpful.”

Miss K Collins, Client

Experienced and Customer Focused Architects in Battersea

Our London based Architectural Practice undertakes a wide variety of Private Residential projects of all types and sizes, whilst also continuing to work in the Educational and Community sectors.

The following illustrates a range of residential projects that we continue to undertake throughout London

Basement Extensions in Battersea

Shape Architecture undertake basement extensions in boroughs throughout London, including Battersea. We have experience of building basements across the city, including many areas that require careful thought and planning to build successfully in. These include Conservation Areas, Mews, and Cul-de-Sacs. Given the technical complexity of many basement extensions and conversions we have found that it is important to engage specialist consultants with a proven expertise for various aspects of the project. As part of this professional co-operation we have been able to attain planning permission for both single and double basement extensions. At Shape Architecture we enjoy well established professional relations with all manner of specialists in basement design; Structural Engineers, Party Wall Surveyors, Building Control companies and a range of Contractors; all of whom are experienced in the design and construction of basement extensions.

Side and Rear Extensions in Battersea

At Shape Architecture we work on many extension projects. From side and rear or wrap around extensions, to pod rooms or upper floor extensions, these projects can add valuable floor space to a property either as projects in their own right or as a part of a larger project. Such projects also provide opportunities for increased connections between the internal and external environments, something that can be achieved with the extra natural light brought into the property that additional rooflights can provide – rooflights that there may not have been space for before the extension existed. We have a lot of experience in helping you decide the best type of extension for your property.

Work in Conservation Areas in Battersea

Many of our projects in London and across the South-East are in Conservation areas. We have been successful in obtaining planning permissions for a wide variety of projects in Conservation Areas. From new apartments to double basements and smaller extension and refurbishment projects, these projects have always satisfied the requirements of local authorities whilst still leaving our clients with beautiful spaces and beautiful homes that they can be proud of and feel happy in.

Sustainable Architecture

The experience acquired in the design of environmentally friendly properties by our architects working in Battersea during the last fifteen years supports our constant focus on sustainable architecture. Our London based architects in Battersea are pleased to provide bespoke alternatives for your environmentally friendly building needs, whether you require a photovoltaic panel array, a ground source or heat pump, or something more complex.

Full House Refurbishment in Balham

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Loft Conversions in Battersea

We have lots of experience when it comes to designing and building Loft Conversions throughout London and are able to best advise how to go about these projects effectively and efficiently.

Pod Rooms in Battersea

As with Loft Conversions we have many Pod Room extensions in our portfolio and can help you use one to bring extra space into your property, either as part of a larger project or as smaller projects in their own right.

Extensions to Listed Buildings in Battersea

As architects in London we have been involved in the extension and refurbishment of a number of Grade 2 listed buildings. With our experience in the sector we have obtained the relevant planning permissions to extend listed buildings in a contemporary manner, opening up the spaces and providing simple and elegant light filled rooms.

Balham Architects
New Apartment Buildings in Battersea

Also in Shape Architecture’s portfolio are a number of new apartment buildings that we have designed. These apartments have often been in prominent locations such as our project in Herne Hill, whose nine flats sat on a corner site between a Victorian terrace on one side and a large post war social housing building on the other. We also designed and oversaw a scheme of six modern townhouses in Wandsworth on the site of the old Bolingbroke Public House. Other projects include the conversion of a regency building and addition of a four storey extension to create an apartment building of six flats in a Blackheath Conservation Area.

New Houses in Battersea

We have designed a number of new houses in a variety of locations across London. These can range from tight urban settings with a history of refused planning permissions, to new Eco Houses in green settings. The experience that Shape Architecture has in a wide variety of projects means that we can advise the best way forwards in all situations, bringing you the best resolution for any site or property. On one particular site in Battersea, we were able to design a four storey house on a tight narrow plot with a modern façade and a staircase block at the rear that brought natural light in.

Energy Upgrade of existing building Fabric

Our expertise and continued experience in sustainable architecture means that we can offer simple practical advice in any situation when it comes to improving the energy performance of your home.

Battersea Architects: Architectural Visualisations and Light Studies

Shape Architecture will work with you at all times to tailor the design for you to suit your needs. We always explore designs in three dimensions, using 3D modelling to help explain proposals and concepts. From this modelling we can create visualisations that not only give you insightful perspective views of your design but also can be used to create light studies, showing the way light interacts within your building, and allowing us to elevate the levels of light in your property. We use 3D modelling techniques for the vast majority of our projects in order to communicate effectively and clearly with both clients and contractors. These models are useful for the design process in many ways, providing an excellent opportunity to produce interesting images through which the client can engage with the project. This in turn is important for our client relationship. Such images can quickly and clearly give an impression of the proposed design that drawings and words alone cannot always convey, and they are a good way of understanding the use of space and sense of light in a scheme, both factors that are important to Shape Architecture’s design philosophy.

Free Initial Consultation and Competitive Fixed Fees

If you are considering a residential project like a new basement or extension then we will happily make a visit to discuss your project with you and run through our portfolio of projects.  There is no charge for this initial visit.

Our professional fees are competitive, offered as a fixed lump sum, and are clearly broken down into each stage of the project. Our fees are fixed and will not vary unless the scope of the project changes markedly. In our appointment letter we will confirm the breakdown of the fees in respect of each key stage, from survey and planning to technical information, tender creation, and on-site work. We always tailor our service to meet our clients requirements.

Our Fees are a Fixed Lump Sum

Our portfolio includes a large range of projects of various sizes

House in Battersea

Situated on a narrow plot, this scheme saw Shape Architecture designing a four storey town house in Battersea. With our expertise in residential architecture across London, we are able to produce a design that makes best use of the site. Behind the glazed facade, the building is realised as a series of simple floor plates linked by a top-lit stair. The key element is the modern facade, and this is where the budget would be focused. By moving the staircases and circulation to the rear of the building, we are able to maximise the living space in the modern interior. A glazed enclosure around the staircase core at the back is protected by exterior wooden slats that provide privacy as well as facilitating the filtering of sunlight.

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