• Brighton Extension and Terrace

    Brighton Extension and Terrace

    Shape Architecture has received positive pre-application advice for their project in Westdene Drive. The proposal encompasses constructing a single-storey front extension, installing a feature rear terrace with a spiral staircase, a basement, a lightwell, and a glazed bridge. Additionally, there are plans to modify the fenestration and integrate eight photovoltaic solar panels on the front roof slope.


    Key factors considered included the development’s impact on neighbouring properties and its coherence with the host building’s character and the broader streetscape. The rear terrace and spiral staircase, were deemed acceptable due to their lightweight structure and proportionate scale. The basement, which wouldn’t alter the property’s external appearance, was seen as acceptable.  The addition of a roof terrace accessed directly from the living and dining room providing extensive views across Brighton is a very positive addition to the property and how are clients are able to enjoy their home.


    The proposed development to the front elevation was also seen as positive and would be supported by the planners, this involved the introduction of a green sedum roof. The front extension, whilst larger than nearby structures, was also seen as acceptable. The solar panels on the front roof slope were compliant with City Plan Part Two Policy DM44 and are encouraged by the local authority.


    Overall, the proposed development was viewed by the Brighton and Hove planning authority very positively.  The pre-app process is a very useful way to gain valuable advice from the planners prior to submitting a full planning application.  The process is also relatively short being typically 2 to 3 weeks.


    If you would like to discuss a potential extension in Brighton or the addition of a roof terrace please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture at 01273648342 or brighton@shapearchitecture.co.uk . We would be happy to discuss your project with you.

    Existing Rear Elevation
    Proposed 3D View
    Proposed 3D View