• Brighton Planning Permission

    Brighton Planning Permission

    Shape Architecture has just obtained planning permission for a series of extensions to a property in Balfour Road.  The project called for the addition of a side infill and rear extension, a range of rooflights to flood the interior with daylight, the replanning of internal layouts to create a contemporary interior with a focus on internal storage and design ideas to create a sense of volume and space.   We were selected in competition on the basis of our portfolio of work and how our approach to residential design answers these questions.  Some of the design features include the removing of the ceiling from the single storey to open u the face to the underside of the roof.  This also allows rooflights to be added to further increase the sense of a light filled volume.

    Brighton Loft Extension

    To the front roof pitch we have also been successful in gaining planning permission for large format rooflights that open in two sections, acting as a form of balcony.  This serves to transform the loft space.

    Brighton Side Extension

    The side infill extension has an entirely glazed roof which floods the dining space with light.  It creates a sense of welcome openness to the lower ground floor space.  Views upwards through glazed roofs at a lower ground floor level much improved the quality of the space.  We have a wide-ranging portfolio of side infill extensions in Brighton including at the nearby Rugby Road project.

    Brighton Garden Design

    An additional part of the design and planning permission is the redesign of the garden.  The existing garden is quite steep and we created a series of elegant terraces and steps.  During the planning process we were asked by the planning authority to provide detailed technical sections of how the terraces were constructed due to the extent of the garden design.

    Brighton Architects

    If you would like to explore the potential transformation of your property through a small amount of work or more extensive project we would be happy to have an initial conversation on the phone. This would then be followed by a visit to your home by our Director to more fully discuss the potential changes and explain the nature of the design process.  There is no charge for this visit.