• Brighton Terrace

    Brighton Terrace

    Shape Architecture continues its work on the creation of terraces in Brighton and throughout London providing valuable additional outside space and maximising potential views.  Our portfolio of these types of projects typically explores the potential of terraces formed from roofs such as at Norfolk Road in Brighton which is about to start on site.

    By contrast, we are currently working on a terrace in the western area of Brighton where the proposal provides external space directly off the living area. Here the site is sloping, and the views are long, hence the potential for adding such a space.

    The property is a quite standard bungalow but given its setting opens up and surprises the further you walk into it and the new terrace will very much add to this feeling and provide a wonderful space to sit outside and enjoy the view. The design also incorporates a stair to improve access to the garden.

    We have produced a series of design options for our client in both 2D and 3D modelling and have discussed in detail, making the changes as we go along. Having now selected a preferred option, we are now going to make a pre-app submission to the planning authority. This is an excellent and relatively short method to gain valuable feedback from the planners prior to submitting the full application and is particularly useful when designing terraces which do have planning sensitivities in respect of overlooking and appearance.


    If you would like to discuss a potential roof terrace project, please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture at 01273 648 342 or brighton@shapearchitecture.co.uk  .  We would be happy to discuss this with you.


    For a similar terrace project Shape Architecture as gained planning permission for in Rustington please follow the link:  https://www.shapearchitecture.co.uk/project/rustington-house/


    To see a recent blog giving an overview of our terrace projects in Brighton and London, please follow this link:



    Proposed 3D View
    Proposed 3D View