• Bringing Light into your Extensions and Basements

    Light and Transparency

    Throughout our portfolio of residential projects in Fulham, Shape Architecture has explored the issues of light and transparency. These are particularly important issues in basement extensions where light filled interiors help create elegant and contemporary spaces.

    Architects in Fulham

    The use of glass is important. Within basement projects it is widely used forming various glass bridges, balustrades and stairs. It is the use of glass at the interface between garden and interior that can be particularly successful. Here reflections of plants, the visual permeability of the material and the general reflections of light provide a simple and elegant composition and palette of materials. As Architects in Fulham our projects such as at 71 Ellerby Street and 110 Hurlingham Road offer good examples of this approach.

    Basement extensions in Fulham

    Often it has been the incorporation of a secondary series of spaces conceived with light and views in mind that have added much to the design of basement extensions in Fulham. We have frequently designed a route between the reception room and the kitchen beyond that has a structural glass floor and roof light over. This has been very effective in bringing light into the basement and also providing views of the sky from the basement.

    Extensions in Fulham

    Throughout our extensions in Fulham the use of light has been explored. Large format glazed sliding folding doors, some with narrower frames, bring fill kitchen and dining spaces with light and provide excellent views out. Roof lights at rear and side extensions bring views of the sky into the interior and again provide useful and interesting sources of light into the interior.