• Can I see the Sea?

    Shape Architecture was asked by a Client if they could see the sea if they extended upwards and formed a terrace or balcony.  For us this presented a very interesting exercise, from which hopefully a much improved home would evolve.


    Aerial view of existing property


    The property is located to the west of Brighton in Rustington and is situated close to the beach with a row of houses between it and the beach. 

    We decided to use a variety of methods to determine a likely viewpoint and whether any obstructions prevented a view of the sea. Google Earth enabled us to create topographical studies including long sections and 3D images.  


    Sectional Study using Google Earth tools


    We were then able to create a simple 3D model set into its surroundings to demonstrate how the building should be developed to allow such a view.  The method of communication for what might have been a complicated issue was clear and easy to understand by all parties.  And the conclusion is –  ‘ We Can See the SEA ‘.  We are now working up a detailed design proposal.

    If you have a project where you would like to test the water with a simple study please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture.


    Initial Design Concept