• Current Basement Architecture

    London Basements

    So far this year we have been working on a range of basements at various stages of the design and construction over a number of London boroughs. Several planning applications have been submitted for basements extensions in Fulham and in Kensington, and we have also started work on a large basement in Barnes set entirely below the garden. Our basement in Chelsea, in Redesdale Street, is now complete.

    Kensington Basements

    Our basements in Kensington presently cover a diverse spread, ranging from a basement and whole house refurbishment in a mews to a large basement and transformation of a property currently divided into four flats back into a family home, to a garden studio with one level below the garden and a lightweight ground floor structure set over it. As Kensington architects we are well used to the planning and logistical issues these projects determine.

    Putney Basements

    We have recently started work on a new basement extension in Putney. The project comprises an extension to the existing basement and a corresponding extension at ground floor. The brief is to open up the interior whilst creating distinct zones for various activities, bring light into the interior, and improve its connection with the garden.

    Basement Planning Applications

    A number of our new basement projects have been commissioned to submit a planning application only with a view to undertaking the building works at a later date. This is now quite a common approach and can be achieved relatively quickly.