• How to Design a Basement

    How to Design a Basement

    When asked how to design a basement it is the use of natural light, the integration of spaces, and the views and glimpses between that form the basis of a successful project. Shape Architecture continues to design and construct London basement extensions throughout the capital utilising these principles. Clearly, ‘how to design a basement’ is of vital importance in achieving a successful project, but equally important are the technical considerations in respect of the structural design and keeping the basement water tight. An expert architect in basement extension projects will consider these two strands in each and every decision that they take in the design of a basement extension.

    Best Basement Plans

    The best basement plans provide a mix of accommodation whilst achieving the architectural qualities of light and space. Principal spaces are located at the garden side giving onto a garden lightwell and these tend to be family rooms or playrooms. They can the be opened up onto the lightwell with large sliding or folding glazed doors. Located at the ‘streetside’ lightwell are typically the smaller media rooms or study rooms. Set between these two types of spaces are a series of further rooms and generally smaller accommodation. These include utility rooms, storage spaces, wine stores, plant rooms, and WC’s.

    London Basement Design Ideas

    Design ideas for basements should reflect the overall design approach for the home as a whole. If natural light is used as a way in which one is drawn through the property then this should be reflected in the design of the basement. The prime design aspect whereby much impact can be achieved is the location and design of the stair between the new basement extension and the floor above. Here there are many opportunities to integrate various design issues in the consideration of a single item. The stair provides light, views and the integration of spaces and is the first one of the series of visual experiences moving through the basement. Many of our Fulham basement extensions and those in Kensington have utilized this approach in a series of successful basement extension projects.