• How to Design a Loft Conversion

    How to Design a Loft Conversion

    A loft conversion, like a pod room, is a relatively simple space that should integrate well with the existing building layout both in terms of its construction and its circulation. Equally the most should be made of elevated views out and roof lights providing views of the sky and filling the interior with light. An example of such a project undertaken by Shape Architecture is our Wimbledon loft conversion in Queens Road. This project answers the question of how to design a loft conversion by focusing on a series of rooflights that flood the stair with daylight and bring light down into the first floor. Progressing up the stair, the rooflights provide extensive views of the sky. This is then reinforced on entry into the bedroom which has large format windows providing excellent views over Wimbledon. The feeling is of a light bright contemporary space enjoying both excellent views and privacy.

    How to design a pod room

    When asked how to design a pod room, the key to a successful project lies primarily in its integration with the existing stair circulation. The pod room itself typically being a single space is often being located where the stair turns into an existing loft conversion, a pod room needs to be set with a floor level compatible with a new stair landing. This is one of the key design aspects. The pod room must also extend as far as possible in terms of what planning permission will be granted for. Shape Architecture continues to undertake a large number of pod room projects throughout London and enjoys a 100 per cent success rate with pod room planning applications, including one granted recently at Brookville Road. We undertake a large number of pod rooms in Fulham particularly and these projects come via client recommendation or the recommendation of local contractors. Consequently we have a tried and tested series of construction details, tested over many projects, to help ensure that high standards of construction quality are achieved.