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At Shape Architecture our work is underpinned by a constant process of drawing buildings.  This stems from a love both of drawing and architecture.  We believe that architects should draw, as this communicates the evolution of a building so clearly to our clients at all stages of the design process.  It is clear to us that better buildings come out of this process of sketching.

The development of the design continues through sketching and can also be further developed through the use of 3D computer modelling.  The combination of drawing and computer modelling provides a powerful methodology to develop a design and once more to communicate the design clearly to all involved in the design process, client and design team.

Sketch of Architecture in School
Initial Sketch of Antony Roper School in Kent.

Our Director Jason Wren particularly enjoys drawing buildings and encourages all to do so.  Twenty years ago he also completed a Master of Science degree in computer visualisation when such software was in its early stages and has ever since continued to mix and match both methodologies in order to best develop the design of a building.

From sketches to computer model and so to the completed building.  It is always interesting to look at the journey of a design to completion.   From initial sketch via computer development to the building on site.  In much of our work this journey can be seen and it is heartening to see hoe the initial idea is developed and refined but still is very clear in the completed building.

Computer sketch of stair in glass box at St. Dunstans, Fulham, London

Coloured in section of Queens Terrace Windsor basement

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