• Edgarley Terrace, Fulham

    Pod Room in Fulham

    Shape Architecture has just completed the design of another Pod Room in Fulham. As with previous Pod Rooms the space created provides an additional bedroom. Located off the landing on a stair to an existing loft conversion, the Pod Room integrates very well with the existing arrangement of rooms.

    Architects in Fulham

    The technical design of the Pod Room is quite straightforward. Certain simple measures should be undertaken that will ensure that the performance of the structure, particularly its thermal performance is as efficient as possible. These include running insulation past the inside of the timber studs that form the pod room walls. Windows and rooflights should also be specified on the basis of an excellent thermal performance and the detailing around the window frame should prevent air leakage. As architects in Fulham, Shape Architecture has an excellent and well established library of robust and effective details to help ensure the optimum performance of all our projects.