• Environmental and Community Responsibility

     Shape Architecture has always taken its wider Environmental and Community responsibilities seriously.

    As Architects we are able to make a significant difference to the Environmental issues given our role in society.  At Shape Architecture we have over 25 years’ experience in designing sustainable buildings.

    Our Community responsibility is also significant, given the range of Community and Charitable organisations we have designed buildings for and these are very often some of our ‘greenest’ of projects.

    Sedum Roof at Anthony Roper School

    Environmental Responsibility

    Our  work explores the design of low energy buildings in all sectors, ranging from the recycled Eco-Sheds in London Parks, to the sustainable school at Anthony Roper in Kent and very many residential projects throughout London and the South East.

    It follows that our Architects and all members of staff are dedicated to the design of low energy buildings and are clearly interested in the wider issues relating to the environment.

    We also carry out the ‘back of house’ measures such as re-use and recycling of paper – we draw and sketch on the back of every sheet.

    Another significant measure is car journeys.  During 2019 all journeys made by Shape Architecture to our projects and other meetings have been made by Public Transport.  We undertake to maintain this environmental discipline during 2020 also.

    Rubble Roof at Eco Shed

    Community Responsibility

    Side by side with our responsible approach to environmental concerns is our commitment to community responsibility.  The benefit is clear both to the community and also to the members of the practice.

    This is evidenced in our relationship with local schools and universities around us and throughout the rest of Europe, where we constantly take in pupils and students into our office and take them through how our profession works

    We ensure that we take the time necessary to provide an enriching experience for each pupil and have in place many different tasks for each to explore.  These range from surveying to concept design and how an architect produces technical drawings.  All members of staff take part in this programme and we feel as a practice we benefit greatly from hosting pupils.

    Below are extracts of letters receive from several of the young people who have recently been in our office.


    ‘’ Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work alongside you all.  I have enjoyed this experience very much and you have all treated me very well.  This is my first time working in a practice and I have learnt so much in terms of new software, working within deadlines and the technical side of architecture.  It has been an amazing moth and I cannot thank you enough for being patient and spending the time to guide and teach me.  It’s sad leaving after this short period and I hope I can work with you in the future.”

    John, Student


    “I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed a lot my 3 months at Shape Architecture.  I really appreciate having had the opportunity of working with you.  I wanted to thank you for the great working environment you create.  Even if it has been my first time working in an English practice, its been easy for me to feel comfortable here, to feel also encourage and not afraid of asking for help or making mistakes; which I believe is one of the best ways of learning.  I am extremely happy with the close and personal treatment I have received and the way you make me feel valued at work.  With your help I’ve learnt a lot from this experience.  Even though I will miss you all, I’m looking forward to new challenges and new opportunities to develop my career.  Please keep in touch and I really hope to see you again in the future.

    Alejandra, Spanish Architect 


    “ A very supportive company who gave my student a fantastic work experience opportunity, continued to support him after the placement and encouraged him to fulfil his dream of becoming an architect – thank you! “

    Nicki, School Work Experience Coordinator

    Bray Office Visualisation