• Fulham Basement Extension

    Shape Architecture’s most recent basement extension project is now complete.  As with many other such projects in Fulham and other London boroughs, the basement extension is coupled with a re-working of the ground floor and the landscaping of the rear garden.  This ensures that the basement is integrated into the whole house and the flow of space and views between are all considered as a whole.


    basement extension fulham

    View of rear garden windows and basement lightwell


    Basement Design

    The design of the basement reflects a pattern that is often followed.  This sees a large family room at the garden side, giving onto a lightwell with all the benefits of natural light and ventilation and sense of connection with the garden beyond.  In the centre of the floorplan we have located the stair connecting basement to the ground floor and the connecting hallway.  The utility room and a shower room give onto this space.  The hallway is wide and the stair elegant with glazed screens between hallway and rooms.  This all serves to give an immediate sense of space.  At the street side of the basement a media room flexible space is located with access to the shower room.



    Internal views

    Glazed screens allow immediate views into the family room from the basement hallway.  They are themselves simple and elegant and contribute much to the composition of elements within the design.  As a practice, Shape Architecture always looks to use glass in a variety of ways and each project includes glazing in a number of locations.  Here, in addition to glazed screens, much effort was put into the design of the glass bridge linking the ground floor to the garden.


    View from patio of extension and basement rooflight

    View from patio of extension and basement lightwell


    Ground Floor 

    Key to the success of the ground floor is its integration with the basement and the garden ensuring a light and airy interior.   The stair to the basement follows the run of flights above and has glass balustrade giving onto the stair void.  The balustrade to the stair flight is a series of steel spindles which work very well with the design of the surrounding glazed screens.  Large format glazed doors give onto the glass bridge which is distinctive with its rhythm of acid of opaque and clear banding.


    This lightwell bridge proves a modern look while allowing lots of light into the basement, making it bright and inviting


    The Design Process

    A significant part of the success of the design is the way in which Shape Architecture’s experience and portfolio of basement projects in Fulham and elsewhere, provided inspiration for this project.  We were able to explain many varied approaches and illustrate them clearly to our Clients.  That, alongside clear drawing and computer modelling, was the basis for a very successful project.  If you are interested in extending your property with a basement extension, please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture for an initial chat.