• Fulham Basement Extensions Part 01

    Fulham Basement Extension Introduction

    As Shape Architecture is about to start on site with our latest basement extension in Fulham in St Maur Road off Parsons Green, we are taking this opportunity to review our portfolio of basement projects throughout Fulham.  There are common themes addressed in a variety of ways throughout the range of projects.  Key to the success of the design process is the benefit that a large portfolio of basement projects brings to each subsequent project both creatively and technically.  To describe these projects we include photos, computer images and floor plans.

    Fulham Basement Extension 001
    Ellerby Street 01 London

    The basement extension at 18 Ellerby Street in Fulham was the first basement project undertaken by Shape Architecture. The design of the new basement adds a wide range of new room sizes and types to the property. The largest space is a new family room facing onto the garden light-well and with views of the garden stair.  The success of this basement extension led to our projects at Hurlingham Road and Broomhouse Road.

    Proposed Basement Plan

    Fulham Basement Extension 002
    Hurlingham Road London SW6

    This basement extension in Fulham located in Hurlingham road features a glass cube at the garden elevation into which the connecting stair between basement and ground floor is located, creating a dramatic way in which to circulate between basement and ground floor, no matter ‘what the weather’.  In this way the basement is also filled with light and the ground floor, basement extension and garden beyond are a series of well-integrated spaces.

    Proposed Floor Plan

    Fulham Basement Extension 003
    Broomhouse Road London SW6

    Our basement conversion at Broomhouse Road is particularly successful in creating a light and spacious contemporary interior. A key feature of the new basement is the internal corridor into which the stair connects. Whilst the stair follows the run of stair flights in the house the effect at basement level is to arrive in a large open light filled space. This is achieved by simply recessing the wall below the stair flight a further 300mm and finishing it in wood veneer, in order to make the edge of the stair seem to float.

    Fulham Basement Extension 004
    Ellerby Street 02 London SW6

    This basement extension in Ellerby Street, one of three we have carried out in this street, involved the addition of a large basement with a combination of front, rear and middle light wells, a side and rear extension at ground floor, a pod room at the upper level and complete internal refurbishment. The particular success of this basement project is the visual and physical connection between the interior and the garden beyond. The kitchen and dining space has uninterrupted views of the garden through elegant sliding doors, which can be pulled back to open the whole façade onto the garden.  The existing property has been totally transformed and is now a light filled, elegant and contemporary home.

    Ellerby Street 02

    Fulham Basement Extension 005
    Ellerby Street 03 London SW6

    In this project the basement stair sits within a generous void located in the open plan kitchen and has a large roof light set above it. The stair therefore brings a large amount of daylight and sunlight down into the basement and permits extensive views of the sky from the basement. It forms a striking composition of shapes and colour and is at the heart of the basement and whole house project.

    Basement Stair 01

    Next week will publish part 2 of our review of Fulham Basement projects.

    If you would like to discuss a similar Fulham extension please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture at 020 3770 6360 or london@shapearchitecture.co.uk  .  We would be happy to discuss this with you.