• Fulham Basements

    Fulham Basement Planning Permission

    Working as architects in Fulham Shape Architecture continues to maintain its 100 percent success rate in basement planning applications. We have just been granted planning permission for a basement extension in Fulham in Clonmel Road. The project consists of a basement extension and lightwells, side and rear extensions, loft conversion and complete internal refurbishment.

    Fulham Architects

    As a project it mirrors very closely many recent basement projects in Fulham that we have undertaken. It was on the basis of our experience of Fulham basement extensions and the planning process that our clients appointed us. The brief included the requirement to submit the planning application within four weeks of being appointed.

    Fulham Basement Extension

    The basement extension includes a feature staircase linking the space with the ground floor above. A family room is situated at the garden side of the extension and media room at the street side. In between is located a utility room, WC, study and storage. The layout is typical of many Fulham basements and we know from experience that the feature stair will work well.

    How do I get Light into a Basement

    The question ‘how do I get light into a basement’ is key in the design of basement extensions. It can be achieved through a variety of ways and we have a wide experience of maximising the potential for natural light in basement extensions. A combination of light sources, both in terms of size, type and location typically results in the best result. Lightwells, structural glass floor panels, stairwells and sliding folding glazed doors can all be considered.

    Fulham Basement Extension: Internal refurbishment

    A great deal of design and construction work also relates to the internal refurbishment of these properties. This relates to reworking a number of room layouts at each floor level and then the complete re-wiring, plumbing, heating, lighting and decoration of the space – all of which Shape Architecture has a wealth of experience in undertaking. Our projects of this type typically involve much interior design work which we undertake. This often includes the design of wardrobes, vanity units, desks and other items of fixed furniture, all of which we have much experience in designing.

    How do I find a Fulham Basement Contractor

    At Shape Architecture we keep an active tender list of specialist basement contractors with whom we have built a number of basements in Fulham and surrounding boroughs. We will run a competitive tender exercise on behalf of the contractor to obtain best value for our clients. We will analyse the tender returns from each contractor and prepare a tender report for our client to assist in the selection of the contractor.