• Garden Studios and Home Offices

    Shape Architecture has been creating low energy sustainable garden structures for many years for a variety of Clients.

    Our Eco-Sheds are the perfect garden studio spaces.  These buildings utilise recycled materials and products.  Eco-Shed 02 was built as a low carbon structure and had its carbon footprint calculated by the Carbon Hub.  Given this approach the brickwork that was excavated to form the foundations was re-used to form a rubble roof.  No material was taken away from site.  The building was formed off-site to maintain high levels of insulation and delivered as a near complete structure. Eco-Shed 01 by contrast has a sedum roof and as such perfectly merges into its garden setting. 


    eco shed eco garden home office garden office

    Eco Shed 1

    In more urban city centre locations, we have continued to create a series of home offices and studio spaces.  These projects vary from single storey timber structures to larger spaces combining home office with further studio or playrooms.  A recent application incorporates an enclosed link between the garden studio and the property itself.


    The interior to these garden rooms are all filled with light from rooflights and glazed doors and designed to be contemplative spaces, that open up onto the surrounding garden.  The landscaping around such structures does not need to be extensive and is often designed as a terrace or platform to enable its use to spill out into the garden.




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