• Gastein Road in Fulham: A Comprehensive Remodel and Infill Extension Project

    Gastein Road in Fulham: A Comprehensive Remodel and Infill Extension Project

    This blog explores a project currently being worked on in the studio, based in Gastein Road, working as architects in Fulham. The client's vision is to breathe new life into the property by incorporating modern design elements while preserving its inherent charm. The proposed project includes the erection of a single-storey infill extension, enlargement of existing windows, and the installation of Crittall doors. The project also comprises an internal remodel.

    The Side Infill Extension

    The primary focus of the project is the infill extension, positioned at the side of the existing back addition. The decision-making process involved exploring various design options, and after careful consideration, the client settled on the concept of a monopitch roof and rooflight. This choice aims to maximise natural light into the kitchen/living/dining space, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

    Installation of Crittall Doors

    An integral part of the project involves the installation of crittall doors to the rear elevation at ground floor level. Crittall doors are known for their sleek, minimalist design and ability to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

    What are Crittall Doors?

    What are Crittall Doors?

    Crittall doors are a type of steel-framed door known for their sleek and minimalist design. They are distinct from traditional doors, which are typically made from materials such as wood, uPVC, or aluminum. Here are some key comparisons between crittall doors and traditional doors:


    Material and Construction:

    Crittall doors are made of robust and durable steel frames, providing strength and stability to the door structure. The frames are slim, allowing for larger glass panels and creating a modern and stylish look.


    Aesthetics and Design:

    Crittall Doors: Crittall doors are celebrated for their sleek and elegant appearance. The steel frames create a slim profile, maximizing the glass area and offering unobstructed views. They are popular for modern and industrial-style interiors but can also complement traditional or contemporary settings.


    Sightlines and Visibility:


    Crittall Doors: Crittall doors have minimal sightlines due to their slim frames, offering a more open and seamless view of the outdoors. The generous use of glass panels allows natural light to flow through, making spaces feel bright and spacious. Traditional doors often have more visible sightlines due to thicker frames or paneling. While this can provide a distinct appearance, it may restrict the amount of natural light entering the interior.


    Energy Efficiency:


    Crittall Doors: Crittall doors with high-quality glazing can offer good energy efficiency, especially when equipped with double or triple glazing options. The steel frames can be thermally broken to minimize heat transfer, contributing to better insulation.

    3D model of side extension
    3D model of side extension

    Window Enlargment

    An essential aspect of the rear elevation involves the enlargement of an existing window at the first-floor level which sees a general upgrade in the fenestration throughout the property.

    Internal Remodel - Redefining Living Spaces

    In addition to the external renovations, the project encompasses an internal remodel that redefines the living spaces. On the first floor, the original bathroom in the back addition is transformed into a second bedroom, while the existing bedroom becomes a bathroom. A similar rearrangement occurs on the second floor, where the shower room in the existing pod room is converted into a bathroom, and a new en-suite is introduced on the upper level of the second floor.

    In conclusion, the redesign seeks to optimise the use of available space while catering to the client’s preferences. The proposed remodel and infill extension project on Gastein Road in Fulham demonstrates a harmonious blend of modern architectural elements with the property’s existing features.