• How do I get Light into a Basement?

    How do I get light into a basement extension?

    We have just taken two new clients around our Chelsea basement just completed in Redesdale Street. Here the basement is set below an existing lower ground floor which we also remodelled. Both basement and lower ground floor are filled with light from a variety of sources and both interiors feel light and spacious as a result.

    London Basement Extensions

    The rear garden side bedroom in the basement is filled with light from the adjacent lightwell. A glass platform sits over the lightwell and two large format mirrors are fixed to its rear wall, all of which helps create a bright light interior. At the opposite end of the basement the media room is equally filled with light. Here several structural glass panels provide natural light and a source of visual interest, given that one links to the outside lightwell and the other to the inside of the bay window.

    Chelsea Basements

    The lower ground floor is transformed from being a poorly lit series of underused rooms to one large light contemporary space, where the family now spend a great deal of their time. Whilst being open plan the room still clearly supports a number of functions given the way in which the centrally located kitchen and long kitchen island create clear zones either for cooking, eating or sitting.

    Basement Architects

    The success of this basement extension and re-working of the lower ground floor is in the light and spacious interior that has been created. The effective use of natural light has been much informed by our experience of designing many other basement extensions and the knowledge acquired in how to maximise the use of natural light. The challenge of being able to light a basement set below and existing lower ground floor level has been met and has exceeded the clients expectations. This coupled with the light and spacious interior of the lower ground floor has contributed to a very successful basement extension project.