• Glass and Transparency Case Study 03

    Glass and Transparency Case Study 03

    As our third case study in our Glass and Transparency series we look at how glass is used in the design of basement lightwells as an interface between the interior and the garden beyond.

    We have chosen one of our first basement projects in Fulham in Ellerby Street to illustrate how the transparency of glass works so well in this setting.  Here the basement is linked to the garden via a simple and elegant stair with glass balustrade, which connects with a glass bridge from the ground floor kitchen and dining space.  The composition works very well and provides well composed views of the garden from the interior.  The glazed doors giving onto the lightwell at basement and ground floor levels are simple and elegant with a narrow frame and this makes a considerable difference.

    Once more 3D computer graphics have been used extensively to explore the design of the lightwell and this has proven to help the client visualise the proposals.

    Of the many lightwells we have designed this remains one of our favourites though its sense of openness and connection to all the spaces that surround It and this is largely due to the use of glass.

    Link to Ellerby Street Basement Project

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