• Green Roofs

    Green Roofs 


    Shape Architecture continue to design buildings with green roofs ranging from schools and community projects to residential projects of all size and type.

    The projects shown below explore this diversity and do so both as photographs of the built roof and also 3D visualisations of the proposal .

    The advantages of a green roof are many and these include the creation of habitat for plants and birds.  The roof will help absorb a large percentage of rainwater that falls upon it.  The green roof provides additional thermal and acoustic insulation also.  It is undoubtedly attractive to look at and may replace an area of hard paving with a green roof or provide such a habitat where none exists.  Its setting in a green environment works well as with our school building at Anthony Roper, adjacent to a river edge.  Its use in a garden setting such as at our project at Rugby Road in Brighton shows how views down onto a new roof area can be made far more attractive and blend in with garden spaces beyond.  The introduction of roof lights are a welcome addition, such as at our community project in Hammersmith where the rooflight sits in a brown rubble roof or at Hastings where rooflights and light shafts are integrated into the roof composition.