• Green Roofs Case Study 02

    Green Roofs Case Study 02

    Our second green roof case study is a residential side infill extension.  Here at Rugby Road in Brighton a side infill extension serves to transform a space initially comprised of several small rooms.  It does so with the introduction of several key features.  These are the introduction of a large glass screen that merges into a rooflight with a frameless glass to glass detail.  A key feature of the project.  A green sedum roof completes the composition, within which the elegant rooflight sits surrounded by a lead surround.  This is small sedum roof but works very well and provides a pleasing view from the upper storey windows that might otherwise looked down upon a felt of GRP roof.  It serves to help the extension merge into its garden setting.  Sedum roofs can now be created using simple trays with sedum within set over a waterproof layer which can be simpler to effect than the sedum blanket that would previously been rolled out and cut to fit.