• How The Right Staircase Design Can Change Your Project

    Bespoke Stair Design

    Shape Architecture has designed many stairs and these are always key features in our projects.  Ranging from stairs to houses to those in schools and community projects we have a wide portfolio of stair design which we have brought together below.

    We use a variety of materials which include, timbers, steel and glass.  Colour and detail form a key part of each stair design.  As with our approach to design each stair is an individual work considered as an integral part of the overall architecture.




    Stair design to Community Projects

    A good example of stair design is our community project in Peacehaven, East Sussex.  Here the stair is front and centre in a  double height entrance with a double height glazed screen giving onto it.  For those using this community project the stair is not hidden away nor is it poorly lit – It is the opposite and forms one of the key features of the project, bright, sculptural colourful.

    Its material is largely steel plate folded to form the stair flight and the balustrade too.  Further interest is achieved through various holes drilled through the balustrade.  It is the location and design thought that are the basis for this very successful stair design.




    Sculptural Stair Design

    We have also designed a stair that sits below vaults to a basement project in London.  Again the drama is in deciding to locate the stairs in this location.  We saw an interesting composition and contrast between the heavy massiveness  of the vaults and the lightweight and fine nature of the stair.  As with all our projects, the design and communication of the design is a key part of the creative process.

    Sculptural staircases




    A School Stair

    Set below an ETFE roof this stair is simple and quite geometric in its shape.  It is clad in ply and at its lower levels has quiet spaces where children can sit and read.  The drama is in its location sat below and ETFE cushion Roof giving onto a bright orange lift.  This is a stair that is always of interest to the children going up and down.

    school staircase

    Classroom of the Future Staircase




    Stairs in Glass Cubes

    In several of our London basement projects we have located the stair in a glass cube.  In a similar fashion to the sari below ETFE it connects very directly and simply with the exterior – always aware of the weather.





    External Stairs

    Many of our lightwell designs feature both a bridge over and a stair connecting the basement with the garden beyond.  These are often designed as elegant, lightweight and largely glass.  As such they help provide a sense of light and space when looking into the lightwell.




    Stairs in Listed Buildings

    We please with this stair design to a planning approved basement below a garden of a Grade 2 listed property in Windsor.  It emerges from a dining platform that itself is articulated to be free from any connection to perimeter walls and feels much like a sculptural tree.  The stair is equally dramatic in its design and sits well in this creative interior.

    Contemporary staircase design for Listed Building




    Residential Stairs Detail

    Simple and elegant details and material choice have informed the approach of many of our private residential stairs.  Some stairs have open risers to allow views through.  Other have an intricate composition of glass and timber.  While a lightweight edge is often achieved by setting below stair storage inboard of the stair edge.




    Stairs and Light

    The integration of another floor level tied together by an interesting and elegant stair linked to sources of daylight providing varied views have helped create many interesting stairs in our projects.