• Kensington Basement Site Development

    Our project in Kensington which forms one large family home from 4 separate flats with the addition of a basement and further extensions is progressing on site.  The project incorporates several sedum roofs at different levels and large format Roof Lights to ensure all areas are flooded with daylight. In addition to the use of sedum roofs and extensive roof lights all existing external walls are lined with thermal board to improve the energy performance of the external fabric.

    This is an efficient way of reducing energy loss and is extensively followed in our low energy upgrade of a Country Manor house near St Albans.  Further all existing windows in the property have been relaxed with high quality energy efficient glazing.  Each window is installed with Pro-Clima tape to stop air leakage and help keep heat within the building.  The current status of the project is very interesting given that the shell is visible with new structural elements being installed and progressively all openings being closed. In our portfolio of London basement projects this is one of the largest and is designed and specified to a very high level of finish.  A particular feature of the project is the staircase which is a distinct sculptural feature set against a six metre drop of glazing.  As architects with an extensive portfolio of London basement extensions and whole house development we are always happy to discuss the potential of any project you may have in mind.

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