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    Shape Architecture: On site in Kensington, London


    Shape Architecture’s Kensington extension project has started on site.  It involves the infill of the side return comprised of a glass roof to flood the interior with light.  At the upper level we have been able to extend outwards onto the existing terrace in order to enlarge the existing bedroom and add an en-suite.  Elsewhere in the property  we have reconfigured bathrooms and looked at creating a light bright contemporary interior throughout.  As residential architects in London we have undertaken many projects of this type and have a vast experience of bringing light into a property and linking the inside with the garden beyond.  In undertaking this work we have also looked to improve the energy efficiency of the house through simple measures such as the addition of thermal lining to existing solid masonry walls.

    Working as Architects in Fulham Shape Architecture undertakes many such projects where the brief calls for an interior based on the principles of light and clean and simple detailing.

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