• Loft Conversion and Extension in Wimbledon

    Wimbledon Loft Conversion

    At Shape Architecture we have recently been working on the design for this loft conversion and pod room extension to a semi-detached property in Wimbledon, London. Currently, we are at a stage of examining and carefully considering the facade options for the exterior of the dormer and pod room extensions.

    Architecture in Wimbledon

    The property at present benefits from a modern kitchen and dining room extension at ground floor level, and our clients are looking to expand their home to include a master bedroom and en suite bathroom in what is currently the empty attic space. As part of this, we have been working to create a pod room extension at the back that will contain the en suite. Shape Architecture has a great deal of experience in the construction of pod rooms, with many of our other extension projects across London featuring them. This en suite would be at a lower level than the master bedroom, and so we are designing some feature rooflights to be set deep into the ceiling that will send dramatic shafts of light down into the corridor and above the shower cubicle. Our clients are keen to explore the possibilities of the design, and this is just one way in which we are planning to create a modern extension with striking design features.

    Wimbledon Architecture: Dormer Extension

    We are also designing a full width dormer roof extension which we will be using to create space inside the converted loft for a large and spacious master bedroom. This room will be full of light thanks to the addition of several rooflights, some of which will provide daylight to the walk-in wardrobe area. We are investigating the options for the window out onto the back garden at the moment, with the current design involving the provision of a glass balustrade on the outside of a set of large sliding doors set directly into the dormer. This will allow a large amount of natural light in to the loft, and will complement the corridor dividers in the extension, all of which will be made of glass; from the staircase between the first and second floors to the wall dividing the pod extension from the corridor therein. This will allow for the permeation of light between the rooms in the extension at all times, leading to a spacious and modern interior that we are excited to see come to fruition.