• Mews Property in Westminster Completed

    Shape Architecture continues to expand its portfolio of Mews projects.  Here in Westminster we have now completed a further Mews house with the addition of a new storey and the conversion of the garage into habitable accommodation.  These additions have markedly changed the nature of what was a small house and allowed an entirely different planning and contemporary feel to be achieved.

    Architectural drawings of previously existing and current property front

    Small living spaces are changed into a light and bright interior.  Rooflights, glazed screens and glass balustrades all serve to bounce light around and open up a series of views within the property.

    This project does not include a basement extension but others such as at Adam and Eve Mews have done so and this approach shows still further how such properties can be developed.

    If you live in a Mews house and are considering the options for change, please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture for chat.


    3D digital model of the new property front