• Modern Basements with Victorian Architecture

    Throughout many of our basement extensions in Fulham we start at the very beginning – often a cellar below the ground floor – taking the project through to completion offering a living space lit with natural light and following the footprint of the ground floor.

    Victorian Houses in London

    The more we have worked within these buildings the more we find ways of marrying two different styles to create something which is special and very much suited to 21st century living. As with all these projects we initially start with a survey. The majority of Victorian buildings we have worked on have an ‘L-Shaped’ ground footprint. Often these offer a large and wide drawing room and above this a generous master bedroom at the front of the property, whilst offering slightly more modest rooms at the rear that also generally have slightly lower ceiling heights. You may also then find these buildings will then have rooms on various levels within the same floor, separated by a smaller flight of stairs, meaning that the floor levels are staggered. We generally retain these features, and often keep the original staircase.

    Modern London Basements

    Often the next step is to construct a basement. This will usually follow the footprint of the ground floor, and from a design perspective it is very much a blank canvas. With these projects in London, architects are advised to be involved from the very start right through to completion, and this is something we pride ourselves on. Spatially speaking, the arrangement of the living areas in the basement architecture is critical in ensuring the right atmosphere for your dwelling in London. Architects can provide that.

    Basement Design Features

    By including additional space with the basement architecture, we free up the ground floor layout and this means we can introduce a feature staircase into the property. Whilst these work initially to create a different and interesting configuration on the ground floor, often in the proximity of an open-plan kitchen/dining/living arrangement, the feature stair can be an exciting and dynamic unit that adds interest and with the correct choice of material will allow plenty of natural light to seep into the basement below. If designed correctly, working with architects, Victorian properties can work wonderfully well after a full house re-model and refurbishment. Clean modern design when well-designed and paired well with period features offers a beautiful and fashionable environment for you and your family.

    Fulham Rear and Infill Extensions

    Additional elements can also be included into the refurbishment. It is common to see infill extensions in Fulham whereby the ‘L-Shape’ in plan is resolved to a rectangle, often in many cases by building to the party wall. Similarly, ‘pod rooms’ can be constructed on the second floor to enable a staircase landing to lead into a new room, often used as a shower room, which offers a great use of space and can open up the higher levels of a property.

    Modern Basements in London

    The parameters of what can be achieved are highly dependent on planning restrictions, but with a wealth of experience within private residential developments in Fulham, Shape Architecture will liaise extensively with local planning authorities to achieve the best results for your basement extension and remodelling projects. Starting from the very beginning right through into completion we enjoy the journey involved in creating beautiful living spaces.