• New Early Years Building at Anthony Roper Primary School

    This building has now completed its first academic year. Reports from the teachers, parents and children alike, point to a building that ahs been very successful and well received by all. The teachers and pupils favorite internal spaces are the classrooms and this is because of the size and volume and amount of daylight within. Also much appreciated is the closeness of the classrooms to the landscape around and the ease with which each classroom connects with the landscape and play areas. The low level corner window set so as children sat down can easily look towards the river bank is well liked and forms the location for reading groups. The Cor-Ten steel canopy with coloured glass insets remains a valued sheltered external space and the timber steps and ramps alongside the bright and colourful play surface are all much used.

    The building in its setting
    The Sedum roof is well established and has helped the building sit in its green environment. Likewise the timber cladding as it turns a softer silver grey is helping the building sit amongst the trees. The form and composition of the building that allowed it to be constructed in a Green belt setting remains a key feature that visitors to the building comment upon.

    The architecture of the roof
    In and amongst the trees roof form is a key feature of the school building. The roof as part Sedum and two steel winged roofs has weathered very well given that it is oversailed by a large number of trees. The drainage of rainwater from these roofs has also functioned with no problems.

    Imagery in School Buildings
    There is still much mention at the school in respect of the building having been conceived as a dragon fly at the edge of the River Darent amongst the river bank. The classroom under the wings and the staffrooms under the green roof body. The children have taken to the idea very strongly and it has been a great success that a building is introduced to them in this way and that it suggest a form derived from the nature that surrounds this building on all sides.

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