• New House in Eastbourne

    Working as architects in Eastbourne our new detached house on a challenging site is nearing completion.  The site, as with many other potential sites in and around Eastbourne, was the garden of a residential dwelling.  Planning permission had been achieved by the owner for a bungalow several years earlier.  The brief was to obtain planning permission for a larger more contemporary dwelling and increase the value of the site.  This was achieved and the project is now nearing completion.


    Digital 3D model of property

    The road is on a hill and the site itself slopes in two directions and is not square.  This, alongside building in proximity to other dwellings and the potential issues of overlooking, formed some of the challenges that were successfully overcome.


    On-site photograph of property under construction

    The construction method is also of interest being ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork), chosen for its flexibility, speed of construction, energy efficiency and airtightness.


    aerial view of property showing roof quality and details