• Planning Permission Success for Project in Shirley Drive, Hove

    Planning Permission in Hove

    We are delighted to announce that our project at Shirley Drive in Hove has been granted planning permission.  The project involved the extensive re-modelling of both ground and first floor levels, alongside a large full width extension at ground floor level and a further extension at first floor level.  The extensions proposed are extensive and serve to dramatically change the space and were granted planning approval with ease.



    hove extension cross section sussex extensions don't move improve

    Cross section of Shirley Drive property extension



    Hove Architects

    Working as architects in Hove, Shape Architecture undertakes a wide range of private residential projects of which our project at Shirley Drive is quite typical.  Others are smaller extension projects and other’s still are larger and more complex, as they frequently involve works to listed buildings.  It is this diversity that we enjoy as a practice and which we believe benefits all projects and clients.


    floor plan render of shirley drive development extension sussex property

    Floorplan render of proposed extension



    The Brief 

    The brief called for the opening up of the ground floor with a larger more contemporary kitchen dining space, that connected both physically and visually with the garden beyond.  The garage should also be converted into a home office and features such as a glazed sitting area should be considered.  Upstairs a reworking of the arrangement and number of bedrooms was required.  A general sense of daylight, views and openness was important to our Clients.



    perspective extension hove brighton sussex don't move improve

    Perspective of proposed new family living spaces



    The Design Process

    Key to the success of the design process was the clear communication Shape Architecture provided.  Our design proposals included free hand sketches, 3D computer modelling and detailed plans.  This approach formed the basis for a clear, efficient and creative discussion with our clients and a better design for it.  The 3D model and images such as coloured sections taken from it, allowed us to explore light wells and mezzanine levels to help create a creative design and sense of volume and also maximise daylight into all parts of the project.


    The Design

    At Ground floor a full width extension was provided and the garage turned into a useful home study.  Extensive glazing and also internal glass screens were proposed to open up the space and create views.  The roof over the extension has  a large rooflight and is covered in a sedum blanket.  This provides views of a green roof that merge into the garden beyond when looked down upon.  A very useful extension at first floor level also facilitated the re-working of the  interior space, to gain bedrooms and bathrooms and a far improved layout.




    We have years of experience delivering home extensions services in Hove – if you have a project in mind and wish to extend and refurbish your property, make the most of daylight and garden space please feel free to contact Shape Architecture.