Adam and Eve Mews


Private Residential | Basement

The key feature of this Mews property is the staircase

This runs from the basement to the roof terrace where it terminates blow a glazed box, one side of which slides over the other to allow access onto the roof terrace. As such dramatic views down into the property are created by the stair void and similarly natural light is brought into the rear of the Mews property via the stair. Bringing natural light and creating a sense of connectivity is the challenge with Mews developments. A further feature is the use of a continuous structural glass strip at the front facade that runs from being opaque to clear glass and brings light into the basement.

roof terrace design roof landscape skylight
Image showing a 3D model of a staircase
View Towards Stair Side
Image showing a 3D model of a staircase
View Beneath Stair

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