Bray Office

Bray | Berkshire


Having undertaken several projects in Bray through client recommendation and several for this Client, we were asked to design a small office building in a green setting.

The design is formed via a series of re-used shipping containers with a glass ribbon set over them below a raking sedum roof and as such forming a roof that floats over the building.

Thus a simple and striking composition is formed.

The interior is flooded with natural light and the building itself is very ‘legible’ and easy to understand.
A positive step. It sits well in its green setting.

Our Client at Bray Office writes:


Jason took on the job of designing a very contemporary 2 storey extension that would fit well with our Grade II listed part Tudor, part Georgian house set right in the middle of a conservation area in a very pretty but particular village! Many would have walked politely away faced with nosy neighbours, planners, parish councillors, listed buildings conservation officers, not to mention fairly demanding clients but Jason stuck with us and in his quiet, understated way negotiated his path through every challenge with charm and professionalism. As a result of his vision and skill we ended up with a wonderfully contemporary design, that showed off rather than blended with the existing building and we got permission to build a much larger extension that we originally thought that we would be able to. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Jason again and have recommended him to many of my friends.