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Fulham Duplex Flat


We have now issued the measured survey brochure for this new project in Dawes Road in Fulham.  Having done this we move straight onto the next phase which is a series of design proposals.  The brief has been developed with our client who have also provided a series of images illustrating interiors they like.  We are briefed in a variety of ways ranging from a series of bullet points to Pinterest boards or collections of images.  All are equally fine.  We will then respond with a series of proposals, normally around four.  Each illustrated with a mix of 2D drawings and 3D computer images.  This forms a very clear series of design options which are put together in a proposals brochure and issued to our clients as a pdf file.  Once our clients have had a chance to review the brochure, we will then visit them at their property and discuss their thoughts.   Often the feedback highlights a preferred option and element of other options that the client likes.   We will then further refine the preferred option again with 2D drawings and 3D images.  By this method we move towards the final proposal.


Design options for our Fulham Duplex Flat


Here we include a series of images for this project that will be included in the design proposals brochure.  The clarity of the image and level of detail is clear.  Such an approach combined with a wealth of experience in transforming properties in Fulham is a strong basis for a successful project.


Fulham Architects


If you have an extension project in Fulham or an idea of internal alterations to transform your home, please contact us.  We would be happy to visit you to discuss further.