First Avenue


Private Residential | Refurbishment

Flat refurbishment in Hove

This project concerns the transformation of a flat on First Avenue in Hove. Interestingly the flat had been developed but it was felt by the new owners that many opportunities were missed. Given the high ceilings that have allowed a mezzanine floor to be installed we agreed that a more thoughtful and contemporary design could be achieved that would exceed our Client’s expectations. The process began with a site survey and the drawing of existing plans and key is the creation of a 3D computer model of the existing layout from which all the design proposals will be developed. Our Client commented that the 3D model of the exiting layout already helped him think about the opportunities the space offered.

Architects in Hove

Working as architects in Hove we have a great deal of experience in transforming tired and underdeveloped apartments both in Mansion blocks and houses subsequently divided into flats. At the point we took on this project we have four other similar apartment schemes in nearby streets. These include listed apartments and those in Conservation areas. As we design a series of proposals we are producing free hand sketches, 2D CAD drawings and the development of the 3/D model in parallel. Alongside our thoughts on the likely, cost, practicalities and other issues such as working to achieve a license to build from the freeholders.

a render showing an internal living room layout for a project in Hove