Greatness | Sevenoaks

Community Project

With an extensive range of experience in community projects across London and the South East, Shape Architecture was invited to design this community scheme in Greatness, near Sevenoaks.

Situated on a prominent street corner, the brief called for a distinctive and interesting design that would act as a gateway landscape for the community of Greatness.

Design for the community

Based on the simple geometric concept of concentric circles, the design takes advantage of the naturally sloping site to provide a rounded bank of seating, realised in fair-faced concrete. Divided by a strong diagonal path for circulation, the seating is opposite a circular ziggurat style stepped planting area.

Designed as stepped concentric rings of concrete, the planter reaches its tallest height in the centre of the plot, creating a banked focal point for the project, and bringing much needed green space to the community with its space for planting and small trees between the concrete structure. This green design will also allow for rainwater drainage down through the earth rather than run-off over the concrete.