High Wyckham


Private Residential | Sustainable Project

Located in a prominent position overlooking Hastings Old Town and set within a Conservation Area.

This project saw the reworking of house split into two flats back into single dwelling. Key in achieving this was the incorporation of an internal lightwell into the building and the extension into the side return.

Incorporating eco-conscious values

Here a sedum roof marks the new works with a light shaft at its perimeter that brings light down into the heart of the lower ground floor.  Equally rooflights set within the sedum roof throw natural light into the ground floor dining room.  The nature of the project was one of forming a creative and well considered series of interior spaces.

One aspect of which was the recycling and upcycling of second-hand materials and objects into the design.  These were sourced from the shop and consultancy Retrouvious on the Harrow road in London.  A similar approach was taken by Shape Architecture with its two Eco-Sheds in London, but here the finish would be different.