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Working as architects in Ealing we carry out many projects where relatively simple, measures serve to transform a house or flat.  It is perfectly possible to create such a transformation without the addition of any form of extension.  Here we illustrate a project in Hopefield Road in Hanwell where a light bright contemporary space with added study space an utility room is created without the addition of an extension.


Ealing Refurbishment


The opening up of the interior combined with a thoughtful use of space has provided our clients with all the functions they require realised with a simple and elegant aesthetic.  In addition, the interior now connects both visually and physically with the garden beyond and it is these factors that have contributed to a successful project.  A significant transformation of a property with a few well considered design interventions.

The success of this project has led to our clients recommending us to a neighbouring property where we are now exploring ways to transform their home and realise the full potential of the property.

Internal Render
Internal Render

If you have a project in Ealing that you would like to explore.  If you would like to transform your property.  Please feel free to contact us at Shape Architecture.  We would be very happy discuss this with you. Please contact us on 020 3770 6360 or london@shapearchitecture.co.uk 

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