Knivet Road


Private Residential

This project in Fulham addresses the whole house. The ground floor has been opened up such that on opening the front door views into the kitchen and courtyard garden beyond are visible.

The Existing stair flight was removed, and open risers installed to allow views through. A rear extension was added to further develop the kitchen and dining room with large format glazing onto the garden. A large rooflight in the new flat roof also ensures the interior is filled with daylight and sunlight and views of the garden abound.

A complete re-design

In the same way that the garden level has been opened so has the top floor.  Here the floor of the loft was removed over the master bedroom to create a larger volume where the roof form is visible. This also gives the opportunity to install two rooflights to bring much more daylight into the interior.

Throughout the house new bathrooms and en-suites were created working with the interior designers NV Interiors.