Rugby Road


Private Residential | Side Extension

Shape Architecture continues to undertake many private residential projects in Brighton.

These typically include side and rear extension and the opening up of the interior onto the garden to create a light filled contemporary home.

Our project in Rugby Road shows how a relatively small side infill extension can help transform a home.

Here the side extension features a full height and wide glazed window which merges into a rooflight with a frameless glass to glass connection. The rooflight is set in a Sedum roof where the contrast between sedum roof and the rooflight always works well. A Sedum roof is easily installed and helps integrate the extension into the garden setting. The Sedum roof also absorbs around 70 per cent of rainwater that falls upon it and acts as a valuable ecological resource for birdlife.

Bringing the outdoors inside

The large window and rooflight serve to flood the interior with light and give onto a planted wall. The dining table is set adjacent to these features. Previously the kitchen and dining space were configured a separate rooms with only a side door giving onto the garden. It is now configured as one large space with elegant glazed sliding doors giving onto the garden beyond. These are narrow framed and by Maxlight with whom we often work.

Kitchen designing

The design process included a variety of sketches and 3D computer models to ensure ideas can be explored and explained very clearly. A kitchen designer was brought on to develop the kitchen design we had worked up with the Client.

A particular success is the extension of the large format kitchen tiles onto the terrace to aid in the inside/outside feel of the property.

Shape Architecture by your side from start to finish

Shape Architecture was involved at every stage from the initial designs, to planning permission, technical drawing and the running of a competitive tender process. We visited site on a regular basis to answer client and contractor questions and ensure that the client has our full support at all times.