The Avenue


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The Avenue, Chiswick

Shape Architecture continues to undertake a range of residential projects in Chiswick and throughout West London.  This project in the Avenue in Chiswick was granted planning permission at the first attempt. This is in part due to having submitted a pre-app application and carefully responding to the feedback we received from the planning department.

The pre-application stage provided initial feedback where concerns were raised about the perceived size and impact of the extension.  To address these concerns, we introduced a wide glazed roof element, strategically breaking up the visual continuity and bulkiness of the side extension. This approach ensured that the scale of the proposed addition remained subordinate to the main dwelling, in alignment with the prevalent development style in the area.

The ground floor was extended at the side onto the wall giving onto the pavement which served to widen the plan.  Extension at the rea and upper levels and the incorporation of a wide range of glazed element ranging from large format rooflights and glazed box seat to glazed doors serve to create a light and bright contemporary home

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