Woodsford Square


Private Residential

Shape Architecture was appointed on the basis of our experience in using glass throughout our residential projects and in particular the creation of glass cubes.

The brief for this project was to re-plan the whole house & form an extension at the rear to better connect with the garden space.

Maximising natural light

The existing configuration saw an upper level kitchen and a stair leading from the first floor down to the garden. This led to a cluttered rear elevation and a ground floor that was much underused. The proposal sees the removal of the rear stair and location of the kitchen to the ground floor, then at the rear a double and single storey glass cube and screens with upper level balcony have been introduced.

The kitchen was moved to the ground floor. As a result, the ground floor is now a key space and filled with natural light. The garden will be far more frequently and easily used. This project is now complete.